Who is Shelley Baker?

Shelley Baker is one of only a very few qualified aromatic therapy practitioners in the UK... With a university background in biological sciences Shelley began her study of aromatic healing therapy more than 15 years ago, and has been a qualified practitioner of Aromatherapy for over 10 years. Accredited by the Institute of Aromatic Medicine, Shelley holds a number of recognised diplomas.

Shelley has a keen interest in the use of essential oils in pain relief and cancer care and has worked with the NHS for 11 years as an onsite aromatherapist. She currently works in private practice and within nursing homes.

Shelley teaches at the Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy, and actively pursues her own continuing professional and product development.

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More about the muscle gel:

Shelley Baker’s Muscle Gel™ is a blend of soothing oils in an easily absorbed base gel; it is being used by a growing band of sports men and women to aid in the recovery of excessively tired aching muscles.

This extraordinary gel is now recommended by athletes from every sector, Muscle Gel™ is a specially formulated blend of specified healing essential oils.

We recommend it is used as directed and it can help with pain after an injury and as a pre-sports preparation.

Shelley has developed an oil base version of the gel, which upon request we can use as part of your Sports Massage treatment.


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